Casino Chips Collection

Casino Chips Collection

Welcome to This website is a tribute to a hobby of mine: collecting casino chips. To some, that might sound like the most un-entertaining hobby ever, but seeing as I'm an avid gambler and a big fan of casino culture, to me these casino chips are part of that culture.

The collection

I try to collect chips from all over the globe, and will do my utter best to turn this website into an extensive "book" of casino chips, background info and multimedia. Yes, you heard it right. In stead of focussing on the monetary value of each of these poker and casino chips, I'll be trying to focus on providing some visually entertaining stuff with every chip: photos, a video, even a story of where I got it (or where I bought it); from a live roulette table to an ebay auction!


Off course this is going to be a lot of work, and off course this will be a long-term thing. Fingers crossed I don't give up! Off course with the recent rise in online gambling and the successful new Maple Online Casino sites, real world casinos are struggling. But I hope they recover and start making new ASM and Paulson chips! :)

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